Salon Nautique International de Paris | 6 to 14 Dec. 2014 | Paris - Porte de Versailles

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Semi-rigids have truly revolutionised motor boat navigation with two solid arguments: manoeuvrability and lightness

Their lightness makes them easy to tow and launch in the water, especially if you are the happy owner of a Jeep®. In addition, their manoeuvrability is unrivalled and they can transport twice as many passengers while slicing through the waves with their streamlined hulls. The new Zodiac, Bombard, Valiant, Pro Marine, Sillinger and Zeppelin are all there, alongside the best Italian and British specimens (Sacs, Lomac, Nuova Jolly and BWA).
Economy and ease of steering continue to be important for motor boat users.
New steering systems using joysticks, even on outboards (Mercury Marine), bring all manoeuvres within everyone's reach. The dashboards are going the same way as those for aircraft, with a single digital touch-screen replacing old, complicated dashboards with buttons and knobs. Electronic controls are becoming more widespread and provide accuracy and a gentle touch while optimising motor output. They have already taken a huge leap forwards in the last ten years and halved consumption. Hybrid, intelligent, silent and easily controlled yet powerful, motors take centre stage in Hall 2.2.

Everyone is aware that motor boating represents the vast majority of the international boating market. With new products being developed, the range has literally exploded in only a few years in order to meet the needs of all motor boat uses
Fast launches are no longer the only stars in marinas and shows. They now face competition from a tidal wave of economic but increasingly refined trawlers (Rhéa (4), Bénéteau Swift Trawler (3), Greenline and Cranchi) and ultra-designer open boats. Even fishing and cruising boats have lost their austere looks (Bénéteau Barracuda, Targa, XO Boats(7), Merry Fisher and Rhéa). To keep the spotlight fixed firmly on them, launches have been overhauled and are making a strong comeback at the 2013 Nautic Boat Show. We will see the return of the very chic English Sunseekers (James Bond's boats!) and the Italian Cranchis (1), as well as an assault on all fronts from French companies! France is the world leader for sailboats, boardsports and inflatables, and is currently working to achieve the same for motor boats. This is instantly obvious when you enter Hall 4 at the 2013 Nautic Boat Show and see the Jeanneau range featuring the recent Velasco 43 and Leader 38 (5), the range exhibited by its subsidiary Prestige which is presenting a new 450, and Bénéteau's range with its new MC models (MC4 and MC5 (2 & 6)) which covers nearly all segments. The new MC4 and MC5 are witness to this assault aimed at conquering new markets and pushing aside the Italian, British and American competition. The hulls feature cutting-edge hydrodynamic technology (Air Step) and the design is by Nuvolari & Lenard (one of the most prestigious names in the super yacht world), but families are the target audience and boats mass-produced! The French revolution continues with Bénéteau. At the Nautic Boat Show it will unveil a new generation of highly innovative open boats and small Flyer launches in order to support the mass-marketed motor boat offensive.





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