Olympic games 2016

  • Olympic Sports 2016

  • Sailing

    Sailing made its first appearance in Paris in 1900, but the first Olympic competitions took place in London in 1908. The crews of the first yachting events could be mixed. In 1988, the first women's races were introduced on the 470 dinghy (the same boat used for men's races). In 1992, women could sail solo in regattas and compete as windsurfers. In 2012, mixed races were stopped and sailing events at the Olympic Games were divided into six sub-categories for men and four for women.

    Sailing at the Olympics 2016

  • Canoe-Kayak

    The Canoe/kayak sprint race officially entered the Olympic programme in the 1936 summer Games in Berlin. The slalom made its first appearance in 1924 for men, and for women in kayaks only in 1928. As with rowing, the aim is to drive the canoe/kayak along with paddles. The difference between kayakers and canoers is that the former sit on a low seat in the boat, their feet resting on fixed blocks, while canoers sit on seats with their knees on the bottom of the boat. With the slalom, there are three sub-categories for men and one for women, while the sprint race has eight sub-categories or men and four for women.

    Canoe-Kayak at the Olympics 2016

  • Rowing

    Rowing has been an Olympic sport since the modern Olympic Games were created in 1896. Rowing consists of propelling a boat along with oars. There are two categories: river rowing and sea rowing. In the Olympic Games there are eight sub-categories for men's events, and six for women's.

    Rowing at the Olympics 2016

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