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4- French competitors in Rio 216


  • Denis GARGAUD CHANUT (canoe single men)
  • Sébastien COMBOT (kayak single men)
  • Marie-Zélia LAFONT (kayak single women)
  • Gauthier KLAUSS and Matthieu PECHE (canoe double men)

  • Maxime BEAUMONT (kayak single et double men 200 m)
  • Sébastien JOUVE (kayak double men 200 m)
  • Arnaud HYBOIS and Etienne HUBERT (kayak double men 1000 m)
  • Adrien BART (canoe single men 1000 m)
  • Sarah GUYOT (kayak single women 200 m)
  • Manon HOSTENS, Léa JAMELOT, Amandine LHOTE and Sarah TROEL (kayak four women 500 m)

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