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4- French competitors Rio 2016

  • Coxless pair men: Germain Chardin and Dorian Mortelette
  • Double sculls men: Hugo Boucheron and Mathieu Androdias
  • Lightweight double sculls men: Pierre Houin and Jérémie Azou
  • Lightweight coxless four men: Franck Solforosi, Thomas Baroukh, Thibault Colard and Guillaume Raineau
  • Four without coxswain men: Mickaël Marteau, Benjamin Lang, Théophile Onfroy and Valentin Onfroy
  • Pair without coxswain women : Noémie Kober and Marie Le Nepvou
  • Double sculls women: Elodie Ravera and Hélène Lefebvre

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