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Hall 1

In 2021, Hall 1 housed all of the boats.

In fact, since the CNIT (up to 1987) and the arrival of the Nautic Paris Boat Show at the Porte de Versailles in Paris, boats were being shown across different halls.

Times have changed now and so has our understanding of the sheer diversity of boating and watersports activities, because each in its own special way brings us pleasure, freedom and wonderful moments we can share. That is the main reason for this new way of presenting the show.

Canoes, kayaks, dinghies, racing catamarans, monohulls, cruising catamarans, RIBs, motorboats with or without cabins, boats for waterskiing etc., fishing or diving, boats with foils, water scooters, electric-powered boats, pedal boats, paddle boards, windsurfing boards, kite surfing boards ...  you found craft of all types in this hall.

But to make the most of your freedom to go sailing or surfing, you also need to know where and how! Hall 1 also showcased the best tourist destinations for sailing, discovering new landscapes or maybe enjoying an aperitif with friends... The various solutions on offer for sailing without needing to actually own a boat will be presented alongside the various locations where this can be done: sea- and rivercraft rental companies, cabin rental offers, cruising schools enabling you to go independent and all of the other services available in the marine leisure sector 

>>> Need more information, so that you can make the best of your show visit? Why not go to one of our Information Points, where dedicated teams will be on hand to provide general advice and suggest specific itineraries to suit your intentions?

The Sailing Boats Universe

Major boatbuilders are exhibiting in the nave, where it will be possible for them to present their boats with the mast up. Every year, these major boatbuilders exhibit new products for the first time.

An international selection of boats was on view, from 5m to 18m, and catering to all tastes and all activity types.

  • Monohulls: Bénéteau, Jeanneau, Dufour, Alubat, Allures, Bavaria, Wauquiez, X Yachts, J Composites, RM, Maxus, Latitude 46, Rosewest, Franck Roy, Black Peper...
  • Multihulls: Lagoon, Excess, Fountaine Pajot, Catana - Bali, Nautitech, Dragonfly, Tricat...
  • Dinghies: Hobie cat, RS Sailing, Whisper, Folling Dinghy, Dart, Laser, Gazelle, Tiwal, Optimist, 420, 470, 505...


Boat Races and Events

The biggest races and other watersports events traditionally exhibit near the Nautic Stage; this is the beating heart of the show, where crew presentations, conferences and workshops on boating and watersports generally will be held.

Strolling through these aisles is also an opportunity to meet the great skippers who give us the opportunity to dream and also to take part in radio interviews with these adventurers at sea, live from the Nautic Stage !


Windsurfing, Day Sailing And Canoeing

Nautic Spot is the central village at the Show, which honours all of the fun, water-based activities: surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, day sailing, canoeing, wakeboarding, water skiing...


The "Engines” Universe 

More than 450 boats are on show here. Yachts over 50 feet, day-boats, fishing boats, sleek RIBs, wakeboarding and water-skiing boats, jet-skis and water scooters: there’s something for everyone!

Come and discover the most aesthetically satisfying French, Italian, Spanish, English, German or US brands, not to mention the products of Eastern European yards. 

You will also find engine manufacturers and their latest innovations, as well as personal water craft, jet boats and other innovative craft that you are likely to see on the water tomorrow...


Insurance and Credit

Buying your own boat is the dream of every passionate or aspiring sailor. At the Nautic, you can discover all the routes available to becoming the sole owner of a boat at lower cost than you might think: rental with a purchase option, classic loans, leasing, management-rental, boat clubs...

The Nautic aims to make watersports accessible to newcomers to the sport and other visitors. In this dynamic, financing solutions by LOA (leasing plus optional purchase) are becoming popular and a wide range of possibilities is available via the main banks

Insurance is also the subject of a rich and diversified palette of options, depending on the use you like to make of your boat and its inherent value.

Every year, you can find here the full range of services available in France; as well as the information you need to make your new boating project a reality! 


The Ports

Ports and marinas are at the heart of both the economics and the tourism associated with the sea coast. They provide all of the services that boaters need, such as maintenance, storage and provisioning.

The Ports Sector is home to equipment manufacturers as well as service providers, who offer solutions to both marinas and boaters.

The direct mutual proximity of ports and marinas, all of which are situated in Hall 1, makes it easier to communicate and place orders.



River-based tourism is very popular with our visitors! Exploring canals, fjords and rivers is an accessible and still very popular leisure activity; on the canals of the Midi or Burgundy, but also in Northern Europe. Generally requiring no specific licence, operating a barge is easy and fun, while this particular type of craft has now progressed considerably in terms of design, comfort and ecology. You can appreciate all of this for yourself by visiting the latest boats from Canalous or Nicols.

Why not take the plunge and go for a new and different type of boating enjoyment on your next holiday?

The families who make up the Nautic's audience would undoubtedly appreciate discovering a whole new region by boat! 



A large number of boat hire companies and agencies are present at the Nautic, which gives you the widest range of products under one roof. From weekends away in Brittany to holidays on the Mediterranean or in the Atlantic islands, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean or Polynesia, charter professionals offer visitors turnkey packages featuring carefree cruising in all of the world’s oceans...

This sector is currently experiencing a real boom as part of the interactive economy, while boat hire opportunities involving multiple individuals or co-boating are currently in course of development... The French departments, coastal regions and their signature ports are also well represented and have come to be at the Nautic together with their local partners, as a way of promoting their respective areas as gateways to boating and watersports. 


Set course for these destinations to discover the riches of the boating and watersports on offer there.

With 18,000 km of coastline and 8,500 km of navigable waterways, and a presence on all oceans, France's water sports potential means that dozens of activities are available, along with thousands of places to go and do them; and this for all ages and tastes.

Wandering among the exhibition stands, visitors can discover or even rediscover many boating destinations.

Most of metropolitan France’s coastal regions are represented at the show to showcase their rich boating and watersports potential. France’s overseas territories are also present and enhance these possibilities still further; as do, indeed, many Mediterranean rim regions and the Spanish and Portuguese Atlantic islands.


Publishing & Media

This sector brings together iconic specialist publishers and maritime bookshops. Find beautiful books, stories and photos about the sea, from around the world. You never know - you might even find an author or two on hand for a signing session...


Digital at Nautic Festival

Just as with the economy as a whole, the emergence of new client participation activities has come to the marine leisure sector as well.

To highlight this very creative phenomenon and the new services on offer, the Nautic is grouping the latter into a separate sector; which should enable digital economy start-ups to make contact with the sector's decision-makers and financiers.

From 1-to1 rentals featuring insurance to the individualised management of such boats, via participative guides that review virtually every anchorage or port, the practical applications of this concept are both numerous and constantly developing. This is a new way of interacting with the sea commercially - and has the great advantage of making it accessible to all ages and all budgets...