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Free Motor Boat Visit Area 

In 2017, for the first time, a special area allowed the public to freely visit a selection of sailing boats during the 9 days of the Show. And it is an understatement to say that the idea was a real success!

Also, this year, we have decided to extend the concept (no appointment, no waiting) to a selection of motor boats, all offered for purchase at less than 25 000 €.

Several shipyards and renowned importers will be involved this year (list likely to change):

  • B2 MARINE - Cap Ferret (Size: 5,2, limited edition)
  • GALIA BOATS FRANCE - Galia 190 Open - via exhibitor French Boat Market
  • JEANNEAU - Cap Camarat 5,5
  • JEANNEAU - Merry Fisher 605
  • LA GAZELLE DES SABLES - De L’Orchère (Size: 4,4)
  • NORTHSTAR BOATS - Northstar 540 Open - via exhibitor French Boat Market
  • NAUTICA MINGOLLAMarlin 18 / Cabine 5,5 via exhibitor ICE
  • SALPA - Salpa Soleil (Taille : 6,2) - via exhibitor ICE
  • STING BOATS - 535 Nordkapp via exhibitor BRIG MED


(Photos to come)