Nautic, salon nautique de Paris

Virtual visits

The Nautic offers you the new features of the Paris Boat Show with virtual tours of Choose Your Boat. The principle is to visite the boats online but also through virtual reality immersion. From 3 to 11 december at the Nautic, on board the most beautiful boats in the open sea for a unique 360-degree experience, as if you really were there.


Choose Your Boat is the No 1 site in guided boat tours, in the world. We offer a very large selection of boat and yacht tours from the best brands, sure to meet your needs. Compare and then select your preferred boats to see the online tours or to live a 360° experience thanks to the Virtual Reality technology.


Have you been charmed by one, of the boats you’ve seen on Choose Your Boat ? Would you like to know more? Like so many of others, you can get in touch with Choose Your Boat to go for a cruise or a sail, receive more detailed documentation, a customized offer or get introduced to a trusted sales professional.

We can assist you throughout your search, and help you find the boat that is just right for you.
See you soon at and happy sailing!  















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